Artist Statement

In “Doing the Time Warp” the viewer must enter through point A, a spatial representation of time calling upon the nostalgia of crawling through play tunnels as a child. Thrown into total, and possibly unsettling darkness, disorientation kicks in. The only thing left to do is go forward, unsure of length and duration but knowing eventually point B is just around the corner. Playing with the viewers’ senses and having one kneel down makes the experience of time more tangible. Dealing with the idea of sensory deprivation, you don’t get a sense of what the tunnel is made of, you feel it but you don't see it, you only see the entrance and exit but the actual path the tunnel takes is hidden from sight. For some time will speed up for others it slows down, it’s about not knowing, it’s a measurement of time by distance but not through experience. I created a liminal space, a state of limbo. You go into it feeling one way and come out feeling another, some sort of transformation goes on in my “portal.” One coming out different from when one enters. It becomes space between time, not knowing when you start, how long it’s going to be, which direction it’s going to go in, transported out of your everyday experience and put into a floating plane. How long did you feel you were in “Doing the Time Warp?”